Latvia defeat hosts Denmark for first LGT World Women’s win

  • Latvia record first win © WCF / Céline Stucki

Hosts Denmark and Latvia came onto the ice to face each other in Tuesday afternoon’s tenth session of round-robin play of the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2019 in the Silkeborg Sportscenter, Denmark.

As the round-robin section of the Championship reached the halfway mark, both Latvia and the Danes had suffered five previous defeats.

In the sixth end of their game, in front of an enthusiastic home crowd, Denmark’s skip Madeleine Dupont played a raise double take-out on Latvian stones to score three points and reduce Latvia’s lead to 6-5.

This game eventually went to an extra end and, in that end, Latvia’s skip Iveta Stasa-Sarsune hit out a Danish stone to score three points for an 11-8 victory, for Latvia’s first win.

Afterwards, Latvia’s vice-skip Santa Blumberga said, “we finally reached our goal and the first win is finally in our pocket. We’ve had many tight games, so it feels really, really good to be on top this time. It is really nice. We had a hunger for that first win. It doesn’t feel good to miss out on the last shot. We really, really wanted to get that first win!”

Elsewhere in this session Scotland faced Canada, with Scottish skip, Sophie Jackson, restored to the line-up after missing out three games through injury.

In the eighth end Scotland’s Jackson hit out a Canadian stone to score two points and level the game at 4-4. This game eventually also went to an extra end and, with the last stone of the game, Jackson hit out a Canadian stone in the house to leave another one of her own stones scoring the one point that gave her team a 6-5 win.

Later, Jackson said, “it’s awesome and that was a good game to come back. We really wanted to put up a good performance which we managed to do. The steal of two in the fourth end put us on the back foot but we really hung in there and it feels great.”

Discussing her injury, she continued, “I’m feeling a lot better and the physio has got me almost back to full fitness. It’s been great to have Lauren (alternate) with us when the injury happened, she’s got a lot of experience and helped us out a lot. It’s been tough sitting on the bench and watching my team.“

Olympic champions Sweden were in action against Finland in this session in a game that turned in the fourth end when Finland skip Oona Kauste had a hog-line violation that gave the Swedes a steal of four points.

Later, in the sixth end of this game, Sweden’s skip Anna Hasselborg played a double-raise tap-back to score one point and move onto an 8-2 lead. Sweden went on to win by 10-2 for their fifth straight win.

Japan and Korea faced each other and, in the fourth end, Japan’s fourth player Ikue Kitazawa draw her last stone onto the four-foot ring to score one point and reduce Korea’s lead to 4-3.

In the next end, Korea’s skip Minji Kim also played a draw with her final stone, to score three points and extend her team’s lead to 7-3.

Korea went on to win by 11-4, a result that puts them in joint top spot on the rankings with Sweden, as well as China and Russia, who both sat out this session.

With Latvia now in eleventh place on the rankings, Denmark and Finland remain in bottom place together, still looking for their first wins.


Session ten: Canada 5-6 Scotland; Finland 2-10 Sweden; Korea 11-4 Japan; Latvia 11-8 Denmark.

Standings (W-L)

China 5-1
Korea 5-1
Russia 5-1
Sweden 5-1
Scotland 4-2
Germany 3-2
Canada 3-3
Japan 3-3
Switzerland 2-3
United States 2-4
Latvia 1-5
Denmark 0-6
Finland 0-6

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