Vital wins for Canada and United States keep play-off hopes alive

  • Canada skip, Chelsea Carey © WCF / Céline Stucki

With the weekend play-off games looming, vital wins for Canada and United States in Thursday afternoon’s 16th round-robin session of the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2019 in Silkeborg, Denmark, kept medal hopes alive for both teams.

Table-toppers Sweden have already qualified and only the top six teams go onto the play-off stage.

Canada’s 9-6 win over Russia in this session and United States 10-7 defeat of China mean that these two teams currently share seventh place, each with two round-robin games still to play.

In this session Germany beat hosts Denmark by 8-6 to keep their slim qualification hopes alive. Finland beat Latvia by 10-8, but these two teams are out of the play-off picture.

In the first end of the game between Russia and Canada, Russian skip Alina Kovaleva opened the scoring with a tap-out on a Canada stone for three points, but in the fourth end, Canada’s skip Chelsea Carey played a hit on a Russian stone to score three points and level the game at 5-5.

After this, the teams drew level again after eight ends, at 6-6, then, in the ninth end, Canada’s Carey played a delicate draw onto a back Russian stone to score three points and take a 9-6 lead. Russia ran out of stones in the tenth to give Canada their fifth win so far.

A relieved Carey said, “We needed that one badly. Unfortunately, we keep putting ourselves in positions where we have to win but the good news is - we’re pulling off the ones we have to so far. There’s no quit in this team. We’re in a ‘never say die’ situation and we’re good grinders, so we’ll come out tomorrow and until the last rock is thrown, we’re not giving up.”

On the adjacent sheet, United States faced China and took a 4-0 lead in the first two ends, following up a score of two points in the first end with a steal of two points in the second end.

Then, in the third end, China’s fourth player Rui Wang played a cross-house double take-out that included a tap-out at the back of the house, to score four points and level the game at 4-4.

United States then repeated their scoring pattern – scoring two points in the fifth end and stealing two points in the sixth end – to take an 8-4 lead.

Then in the eighth end, United States skip Jamie Sinclair played a hit and roll to score one point and take a 9-5 lead. United States went on to win by 10-7 without having to play their final stone of the tenth end, to keep qualification hopes alive.

Afterwards, Sinclair said, “That game was definitely up and down with a lot of big ends, and I’m really happy that we got the win. We’re being calm out there, we’re learning the ice and we’re feeling more confident, so the shots are coming… we need to just keep that rolling. We’ve still got two really great teams [to play], so it’s going to be battles. I think patience will be key.”

Germany played Denmark in this session with the Germans taking a 4-3 lead into the fifth end break. In the sixth end, German skip Daniela Jentsch played a gentle tap-back of a Danish stone to score two points and increase their lead to 6-3. Then in the tenth end of this game, Jentsch played a raise double take-out for one point and an 8-6 win.

In the final game of the session, Finland played Latvia and both sides were level at 4-4 going into the fifth end break. The teams traded two-point scores after this before Finland stole a single point in the eighth end for the slim 7-6 lead.

Then, in the tenth end of the game, Finnish skip Oona Kauste hit out a Latvian stone to score three points for the win by 10-8.


Session 16: China 7-10 United States; Canada 9-6 Russia; Finland 10-8 Latvia; Germany 8-6 Denmark.

Standings (W-L)

Q Sweden 8-1
Korea 7-2
Russia 7-3
Switzerland 6-3
China 6-4
Japan 5-4
Canada 5-5
United States 5-5
Germany 4-5
Scotland 4-5
Denmark 2-8
Finland 2-8
Latvia 1-9

Q = Qualified for play-offs

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