LGT World Women’s gets underway in Silkeborg, Denmark

  • China’s Rui Wang © WCF / Céline Stucki

The LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2019 got underway on Saturday afternoon in the Silkeborg Sportscenter in Denmark and making their first appearance at this level, the China team skipped by Jie Mei, faced Anna Hasselborg’s Sweden, current Olympic champions and last season’s world silver medallists.

China scored two points in the third end, then stole a single point in the fourth end to take a 4-1 lead. Then, in the fifth end of the game, and down by 1-4, Sweden’s Hasselborg drew her final stone into the house to score two points and reduce China’s lead to 4-3.

In the sixth end, China’s fourth player Rui Wang played a tap-back of one of her own stones to score two points and move on to a 6-3 lead. China then went on to win by 9-3.

After this win, skip Mei said, “Team Hasselborg is a really good team and we feel very happy to have won this game. It doesn’t mean that we’re much stronger, it just means that we want to have more opportunities to play games like that. We’re a young team, but we’re making progress and we hope that we can develop.”

Germany faced a Latvian team who had to play without their usual skip Iveta Stasa-Sarsune and, in the fifth end Germany skip Daniella Jentsch drew her last stone into position to score two points and take a 4-1 lead.

Germany then scored four points in the seventh end for an 8-4 lead, as they went on to win by 10-5.

Afterwards, Germany’s Jentsch spoke about her team’s score of four, saying, “we set the seventh end well but had a few misses, but we got lucky and I had a hit and roll for four. That win was more difficult than we were hoping, but a win is a win. Overall, I think we managed that first game quite well.”

Russia faced Switzerland and in the eighth end of this game, Switzerland’s fourth player Alina Paetz played a hit to score one point and reduced Russia’s lead to 8-5. In the ninth end, Russia’s skip Alina Kovaleva played a double take-out to count three points from the end, and win the game, by 11-5.

In the fourth game of this session, Scotland played Japan, with both teams making their debuts at this level. With the score at 4-1 to Japan, Scotland skip Sophie Jackson drew her final stone of the fifth end to score two points and reduce Japan’s lead to 4-3.

However, in the sixth end Japan’s Ikue Kitazawa played a hit-out on a Scottish stone to score four points and take an 8-3 lead on the way to her team’s eventual 10-4 win.


Session one: Sweden 3-9 China; Russia 11-5 Switzerland; Japan 10-4 Scotland; Germany 10-5 Latvia.

Standings (W-L)

China 1-0
Germany 1-0
Japan 1-0
Russia 1-0
Canada 0-0
Denmark 0-0
Finland 0-0
Korea 0-0
United States 0-0
Latvia 0-1
Scotland 0-1
Switzerland 0-1
Sweden 0-1

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